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Almost too good to touch 😍
The perfect

Whether you're entertaining for a small or large group, platters are the perfect accessory to any social gathering. 

Birthdays, dinner parties, wedding day bridal party morning snacks, kids parties, store openings, or nights in watching the footy or The Bachelor, give your guests something to nibble on that's both tasty and filling!


Deluxe grazing platter 3-4 people -   $100

Deluxe grazing platter 5-8 people -   $175

Deluxe grazing platter 9-12 people - $245


After something smaller? Check out our mini deluxe box



Platters are delivered ready to be enjoyed.

All platters are antipasto, however, can be tweaked for your preferences or event type.



*prices include delivery on Northern Beaches

** Vegetarian/Vegan/GF/DF requirements can be met

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