What locations do you offer​?

We specialise in locations on the Northern Beaches.

The Northern Beaches has a vast number of breathtaking sites with incredible  beach/ocean, river/lake or harbour views. Take your pick!

Can we choose an alternative location?

If you have another particular location in mind, let us know and we will assess to ensure it is a feasible option for your picnic. May involve a small travel fee.

Can we have a picnic set up in our home/backyard?

Of course! The best thing about having a picnic in your own home or backyard is you have complete privacy and access to facilities such as a clean bathroom.


How do I book a picnic?

Please feel free to send your inquiry through to info@purelypicnics.com.au, or send a direct enquiry from our contact page.

How far in advance do I need to book a picnic?

We require at least 7 days notice of a picnic with the exception of if we have last minute cancellations or availability. Please bear in mind, the earlier you enquire for a date, the better chance you will have to secure it in. Sometimes we book out as far as 3 months in advance.

How far in advance do I to make a platter order?

We require at least 3 days notice of a platter order with the exception of availability.

What themes do you offer for group picnics?

You may choose from Bohemian, Chic, Coastal or customise your own such as 'Baby Boy' for baby showers. If you have a preferred colour scheme or another theme, we can discuss this further too.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please check out our Terms & Conditions

What if it rains?

Please check out our Terms & Conditions

Am I able to adjust your packages?

The packages are set as a guide only. If they don't meet your budget or needs, or you have a certain idea for your picnic, we will customise it for you!

What if I have dietary requirements?

Purely Picnics can make alterations to cater for any dietary requirements/intolerances. Please advise us of any requirements and we will offer alternative menu options.

What is the payment procedure?

Please check out our Terms & Conditions

Do you take credit card payments?

We can raise invoices through Paypal to make credit card payments, however a Paypal fee is incurred.

Do you offer a proposal packages?

We can customise any of our packages on our website to suit your proposal plans. We love discussing various options with you to make the moment perfect.

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